Open fires

At Swanage Bijou camping we allow open fires and bar-b-queues in the camping field. . . 

and they may be in the vicinity of your tent but they MUST be:- 

- contained by one of our fire trays, or you can use your own if comparable in size,

- raised off the ground by two bricks ON EDGE (provided by us) or higher,

- at least three meters away from your own tent and four from any one elses,

- there are numerous firepoints with water and extinguishers on poles around the site, please locate your nearest before starting any fire.

 - no fires can be permitted if the weather is too windy or the ground too dry.

- never leave your fire unattended or burning when you go to bed

- if in doubt don't light your fire until you have come to reception for advice.

The idea is to provide a controlled enjoyable camping ambience and an opportunity for kids to toast marshmallows, NOT celebrate Guy Fawkes (even though he had the right idea!! :-) )

Common sense and caution must prevail otherwise this lovely facility may be lost.

Please be safe, considerate and thoughtful of drifiting smoke.

Thank you.