Why cash?

Yes we get it - cards and those fancy watches are very convenient.  Too covenient.  Purposefully.   But did you ever have your card declined?  Most of us have.  What most people don't realise is that when you use your card you are asking permission of a third party to spend your own money - and that the transaction can be refused.  Once there is no cash alternative you are completely at the mercy of any organisation or government who can make new rules on how and what you are allowed to buy.  Total control of your life - brilliant - and sinister.

Coming to Britain sometime soon:

You have an outstanding parking ticket - card declined.

You were speeding - card declined.

You were late for work - card declined for a day.

You went to that march in London - card blocked for travel purchases.

You already had a pint of beer - card blocked for alcohol purchases for safely reasons.

You tweeted something anti-government - card declined for all luxury purchases inculding chocolates and holidays for a year.

One pizza a month, must do a thousand steps a day, must go to church, must watch government information broadcasts - whateveter they want - and without cash there wont be a single thing you can do about it.

Using your card also leaves a trail of your personal locations, purchases and habits - that are stored - for ever - until they are needed - for any purpose.

AND the banks take around 2% of every transaction.  That doesn't sound a lot, but 2% of your working year is a week.  Yes - we could all take a holiday for free if we refused to use our cards.

You've seen the size of the bank buildings in the City right?  How do you think they pay for those while you struggle to make ends meet?  Don't even start me on fractional lending, where they only have 10% of the amount they 'loan' you, but you have to pay interest on the whole amount, including the 90% they never had. 

TIME TO SEE AND THINK.  Only together can we stop this.

Thank you for taking the time to read this - now please tell your friends.

Maybe a little inconvenience right now is a good investment for your childrens' freedom.